Lancashire Crushers

About Us.

We're A Creative Agency Located
In The Heart Of New York City

Over the past 20 years Peter Slater has developed into one of the largest suppliers of crushers and screeners for hire throughout the United Kingdom. The company started as ‘Peter Slater Plant Hire’ in 1980 with our first JCB 3C. In 1994, anticipating the demand for reclaiming brown field sites and appreciating the inherit value in old masonry and hard landscaping materials, Lancashire Crushers Ltd was Created.

Since 1994 the company has gone from strength to strength, now employing over 25 fully trained CPCS certified operators including crusher, screener, excavator,dozer, loading shovel, dumper and many more. We also have highly skilled plant technicians and a dynamic, forward thinking management team.

Whatever your requirements Lancashire Crushers Ltd will be happy to:

    • Offer Advice, based on over two decades of experience!
    • Give Competitive rates, due to a vast range of internal sources!
    • Provide a reliable, friendly and professional service!

We Aim to meet all your needs and requirements, from providing our Low Loader which can carry upto 150 tonnes for transportation of machines, which include our Screeners, Excavators, Crushers and Loading Shovels to supplying an excellent team of highly skilled operators, each of whom carry CPCS Licences and Quarry Passports